About GLI

Found in every profession, and in over 100 nations – GLI professionals and students operate consistently according to the highest standards of personal character, service and integrity.

We are faith-based and Kingdom minded – living our lives according to the principles and patterns found in the Word of God.  Our common agreement to these principles has produced a global company of leaders clear in their identity and assured of their purpose.  In a time where nations are fractured, GLI leaders step beyond their national perspectives and culture, operating with a common ethos and set of values to address the issues of the world today.


GLI was launched by Dr Noel Woodroffe in 2001. Woodroffe saw that the students of today would become tomorrow’s leaders of nations, corporations and institutions – so the training they receive in leadership, values and character had the potential to literally determine the destiny of nations.

Beginning in Trinidad and Tobago, GLI groups began on university campuses and then for networks of professionals too. Soon the GLI network spread across the Caribbean, into the UK, Washington DC and beyond to all continents and many nations.

Periodic leaders gatherings bring together representatives from across the regions to strengthen and solidify the true core of GLI – the interlinked lives and relationships of leaders operating according to consistent values derived from the Word of God.


Under the ultimate direction of Dr. Noel Woodroffe, GLI is led by a Strategic Leadership Team consisting of five executive directors.

Dr Graham King
Global Director
Trinidad and Tobago

Dr David Taylor
Director: GLI Educate
South Africa

Luke Daunivalu
Director: Membership & Administration

Dr Renique Murray
Director: GLI Campus
Trinidad and Tobago

Dr Farid Youssef
Advising Director
Trinidad and Tobago

In addition to the global leadership team, regional GLI leaders coordinate GLI activities and intiatives around the world.

Congress WBN

GLI is a sector of Congress WBN.  The Congress is a unique, faith-based organisation committed to global human development.  Birthed in the island state of Trinidad and Tobago, Congress WBN has a 25 year track record of impact in the lives of tens of thousands of individuals, businesses and national governments around the world.


GLI’s leadership development initiatives include:

  • Leadership development seminars
  • Mentoring of students and future leaders
  • Campus initiatives
  • Degree level ethical leadership courses
  • Consultancy
  • Regional gatherings of like-minded professionals
  • A variety of publications and perspectives.